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Rob Miller, MLOP CMHS

Senior Loan Officer NMLS# 239865

ProVisor provides transparent mortgage solutions. Our solutions strive to build the best loan programs to ensure financial success.

As a Senior Mortgage Officer at ProVisor, I have been serving the Madison area for over 12 years. I have focused my attention on providing my customers with an easy, painless loan process. I strive to not only complete your loan but make sure you are educated and informed throughout the entire loan process. One of my firm beliefs is handling each customer independently of the next, providing knowledge, accountability and “World Class Service”. By working with me, you will have your loan processed right here in Madison. Local service means quick decisions and closings will happen on time. Since buying a home is one of the most important decisions of a customer’s life, my staff and I want to make sure it is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

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Medical Collections are coming off your Credit Reports!! This is GREAT NEWS about medical collections! Starting July 1, 2022, a lot of medical collections are being removed from credit reports. This will help people have a better credit score. If you have medical collections holding your credit scores down you should start monitoring this. One

Rob Miller ProVisor (VA Home Loan Requirements and Appraisal)

MINIMUM PROPERTY REQUIREMENTS (MPR’s) FOR VA LOAN APPRAISALS REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL PROPERTIES   Each living unit must have the space necessary to assure suitable living, sleeping, cooking and dining accommodations and sanitary facilities. Mechanical Systems must be safe to operate, be protected from destructive elements, have reasonable future utility, durability and economy and have adequate

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In the housing market, the best deal doesn’t always come with the lowest price. Price vs. Payments: If you’re financing your purchase, you’ll probably never come close to paying the actual price. You’re making a comparatively small down payment and then paying interest on the loan until you refinance or sell. Yes, you will have

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Veteran’s Administration or “VA” loans are available for active, non-active, and retired Army, Air Force, Marine, Navy, National Guard, and Coast Guard vets who meet the established service requirements. The most notable features and benefits for those who qualify are: 100% financing/No down payment No monthly mortgage insurance (PMI) Gift funds acceptable for closing costs