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Rob Miller, CMA

Branch Manager / Senior Loan Officer NMLS# 239865

ProVisor provides transparent mortgage solutions. Our solutions strive to build the best loan programs to ensure financial success.

As a Branch Manager / Senior Mortgage Officer at ProVisor, I have been serving the Madison area for over 16 years. I have focused my attention on providing my customers with an easy, painless loan process. I strive to not only complete your loan but make sure you are educated and informed throughout the entire loan process. One of my firm beliefs is handling each customer independently of the next, providing knowledge, accountability and “World Class Service”. By working with me, you will have your loan processed right here in Madison. Local service means quick decisions and closings will happen on time. Since buying a home is one of the most important decisions of a customer’s life, my staff and I want to make sure it is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


Government & Conventional loan programs to provide you with the best possible refinance option.


Whether you're a First Time Home Buyer or you're moving in to a new property, I'm here to help!


I offer unique refinance loans to successfully utilize your home's equity to provide your family financial freedom.


No matter your credit situation, I work with my clients from start to finish to improve their financial situations.

Rob Miller ProVisor News Avoid Refinancing Traps

The Automatic Payment Trap It can take up to two weeks to have automatic payments canceled. If your payments are made this way be sure to turn it off before closing. You don’t want to pay for the same month twice! The Missed or Late Payment Trap Believe it or not, lots of people think

Rob Miller ProVisor News Ask The Expert

Ask The Expert | Rob Miller | ProVisor

The “Experts” Say… By ProVisor “Rates need to be 2% lower to justify refinancing.” Ever hear something like this and take it at face value? In the mortgage business, we hear recitals of old rules all the time. They often come from so-called experts, but frankly, there are times when their advice could lead you

Credit Score | Rob Miller | ProVisor

Credit Score By ProVisor Understanding the makeup of your credit score is the first step toward managing and improving it. As you might expect, payment history is the most influential component in your credit score, followed closely by the amounts you owe. To lesser degrees, the length of time you’ve utilized credit, the number of new accounts